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CyberSecurity TV Shark Fest
July 15, 2022 - 3:00PM ET

All Virtual! Anchored from TV Worldwide’s Studios in Chantilly, Va.
TV Worldwide Studios, 14428 Albemarle Point Pl #140, Chantilly, VA 20151

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WEBCAST INFORMATION is sponsoring another series of Shark Fest events where companies can pitch their capabilities to a panel of government and commercial  technology experts. Topics can range from artificial intelligence to digital transformation to cybersecurity to any great technology idea.

If you've nearly perfected an innovation or business process that would revolutionize a technology application or you've thought about starting your own company, this is your chance to present your concept, product, or solution and get advice from experts. Participating in the Cybersecurity TV Shark Fest is a great way to hear from experienced entrepreneurs and other business professionals as well as to gain visibility through this ongoing series of live webcasts on Cybersecurity TV.

Each episode features several companies that each have five minutes each to give their pitch and then respond to five minutes of judges questions.

Many organizations that have won or presented in these past competitions on Cybersecurity TV to gain exposure, have gone on to win new contracts, raise a round of capital or have had their companies successfully acquired. If you’re interested in having your company present in this new all virtual Cybersecurity Shark Fest series, click here.

Separate sponsorship opportunities for those companies interested in being featured in an interview during the program to gain exposure are available by clicking here.

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Shark Fest Series Judges


Glenn Hernandez

CISO, OpEdge Solutions, LLC

Glenn Hernandez is passionate about creating strategic partnerships to revolutionize organizational transformation with resilient technology and meet mission objectives. Hernandez is a senior consultant with OpEdge Solutions. He served more than 26 years in the U.S. Coast Guard and retired in July 2017. From 2013-2017, he was the Coast Guard’s Chief Information Security Officer. Hernandez co-authored the Coast Guard’s Cyber Strategy and led the Coast Guard’s first cyber crisis response based on the National Incident Management System framework. Read more...


Karrie Trebbe, CAPT USCG (retired) Karrie Trebbe served in the United States Coast Guard, retiring in 2020 following a successful assignment as the Senior IT Advisor to the Commander, Pacific Area, where she was responsible for delivering capability to meet Coast Guard operational needs throughout the Pacific, encompassing six of the seven continents, 71 countries, and more than 74 million square miles of ocean -- from the U.S. Western States to Asia, and from the Arctic to Antarctica. She is a University of Maine Alumni and a 1994 United States Coast Guard Officer Candidate School graduate. Karrie was selected by the Coast Guard for post graduate training and earned a Master of Science in Information Technology at Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia. She was instrumental in standing up an on-line search and rescue form that saved lives following the devastation created by Hurricane Katrina for which her team received the 2006 Captain Niels P. Thompsen Innovation Award. She also served as the Rescue 21 Project Resident Office Executive Officer in Scottsdale, Arizona, where she oversaw deployment of enhanced communications created to improve assistance to mariners in distress, save lives and property at sea.

Her personal decorations include three Coast Guard Meritorious Service Medals and five Coast Guard Commendation Medals.

Karrie and her husband Peter, who also retired from the Coast Guard, reside in Friendship, Maine.

Colonel (Retired) Laurie Moe Buckhout

President and CEO of Corvus Consulting

Colonel (Retired) Laurie Moe Buckhout is the President and CEO of Corvus Consulting, a strategic consulting and services group serving DoD Electronic Warfare, Cyber and Information Warfare communities. She served as an Army Officer from 1984 to 2010, retiring to assume a position in the Defense Industry.  Ms Buckhout is a native of Virginia and attended James Madison University.  Upon completion of JMU’s ROTC Scholarship program, she was commissioned a 2LT in the Army Signal Corps in 1984, and from there served in leadership and staff positions from the 3rd Infantry Division to the White House, and from Platoon Leader to Battalion Commander, ending her career as Chief of Electronic Warfare for the Army’s Headquarters Staff. Read more...





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