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Streaming Media East 2007
Conference & Exhibition

The Business & Technology Of Online Video

Now in it's 10th year, Streaming Media East is the only show that covers both the business of video on the net and the technology of streaming, downloading, IPTV and mobile video delivery. Covering both b2b and b2c business and technology issues in the enterprise, advertising, media and entertainment, broadcast and education markets, Streaming Media East is about more than just streaming!

The event will be live and archived for viewing at Participants should have the free Windows Media player installed prior to viewing the event. Questions can be directed to 703-961-9250, ext. 229.

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Note: Due to technical issues experienced by the hotel’s audio system, there are a few audio sequences which are not optimum and which have been remixed to improve the quality where possible.  Thank-you.

Keynote Address: Sean Alexander, Director, Video Platform, Server and Tools Division, Microsoft
Sean Alexander, Director, Video Platform in the Server and Tools Division for Microsoft, addresses attendees of Streaming Media East 2007 in New York City and shows off the new Silverlight platform.

Delivering on the Three Screen Video Experience
Digital entertainment offers the opportunity to engage consumers on a multitude of devices, creating new opportunities to market, sell, boost ratings and increase customer loyalty. Speed to market and the quality of the service delivered often define success. This session will discuss how content creators can best prepare today to take advantage of the opportunities created by the rapid growth of new media audiences. Learn which business models are most likely to work and why a cross-platform approach to the business of new media is essential. Moderator: Stephen Condon, VP Marketing, Entriq Michael Gordon, Chief Strategy Officer, Co Founder, Limelight Networks Mike Hudack, CEO, Ross Angert, Creative Director, Global Interactive Media, World Wrestling Entertainment Steve Wax, Co-Founder, Partner, Campfire

Performance Metrics for Online Video Advertising
Beyond impressions, what other criteria will publishers be held accountable for as video advertising matures? In addition to its ability to measure lift in awareness and other brand metrics, video advertising must also drive performance by its ability to generate leads and sales. Pre-roll vs. post-roll, ideal commercial length, and ad formats (interactive components, companion banners, etc.) are just a few of the applications that must still be studied for their relative effectiveness in driving performance for both brand and direct response advertisers. Learn how the further exploration of targeting with video is also necessary, including by the nature of the content (contextual/keyword), the audience profile (demographic/psychographic) and the ability to predict future performance based on past behavior (behavioral). Moderator: Kate Kaye, Editor, News and Special Projects, ClickZ News Christine Peterson, Associate Media Director, Carat Fusion John Ellis, VP, Product Management, ValueClick Media Mort Greenburg, VP of Sales, Metacafe Rob Aitken, Online Video Product Manager, AP

NaviSite Featured Video NaviSite Featured Video
NaviSite is the leading, single-source provider of complex streaming and hosting solutions offering complete accountability across the delivery continuum. NaviSite’s content delivery and acceleration services span the complete spectrum; from the smooth viewing experience required by the most demanding media companies to the everyday caching of HTML; from the downloading of games to the acceleration of enterprise applications. With 14 world-class data centers and state-of-the-art second generation content delivery technology, NaviSite can support any need regardless of size or geographic reach and, we provide you with the flexibility and scalability to grow as your business accelerates with unprecedented velocity.

HOW TO: Evaluating and Selecting a Content Management Vendor
Finding the right vendor solution for your content management need not be a hassle with a little homework. This session will formulate sample requirements for your video content management needs that lead to an RFI or RFP. Along the way, the session will uncover some bundled extras that you may or may not want from a vendor and address some common vendor responses to an RFI that will help you navigate the services and manage your video workflow. Speakers Scott Cunningham, Multimedia Technologies Manager, USA TODAY, Media Laboratory

Interview with Steve Pattison of Media Publisher
Steve Pattison, VP of Business Development and Marketing for Media Publisher, speaks with Dave Gardy at Streaming Media East 2007 about their company's history in streaming media and how enterprise streaming is growing and evolving.

Unique Challenges to Enterprise Streaming
Today, more than 90% of Fortune 1000 companies use some form of live or on-demand streaming technology. Enterprise streaming is proving its value as a powerful, convenient, and affordable way to broaden learning opportunities, improve communications, and increase productivity. While the media highlights consumer-streaming applications, streaming in the enterprise is where the serious adoption began and where the business value is tangible. This session explores strategies that are important to streaming in the corporate environment. Speakers: Moderator: Patty Perkins, Vice President, Desktop Video Manager, Wachovia Video Network; Bart Feder, President and CEO, The FeedRoom; Christopher Miles, Sr. Manager, Intranet Communication & Collaboration, Starwood Hotels and Resorts; Dennis Skahill, Director, North Shore-LIJ Studios; Tine Kirkegaard, Web Communications Manager, Carlsberg

Is P2P The Answer To Large Scale Video Delivery?
With the recent offerings by BitTorrent, VeriSign, Joost and others, is legal P2P finally ready for primetime? This panel of content owners and technology experts will discuss whether P2P will finally revolutionize online video distribution. They will discuss whether the cost savings advantage with P2P is real, how P2P will translate into a competitive advantage, how P2P distribution may affect the networks and CDNs and what some of the potential problems are that P2P technology may face from the telco's. Come hear the debate on whether P2P is the answer to the fundamental capacity limitations for large-scale video audiences for today's Internet. Speakers Moderator: Rich Mavrogeanes, Founder & CTO, VBrick Systems, Inc. Brian Taptich, VP, Business Development, BitTorrent Christopher Levy, Chairman, Digital Media Management Working Group, Distributed Computing Industry Association (DCIA) Monty Mullig, SVP, Internet Technologies, Turner Broadcasting System Nick Rockwell, CTO, MTV Networks

HOW TO: Costs for Outsourced Hosting And Video Delivery
Whether your an organization that needs to deliver lots of video or are a smaller company that needs to deliver only a few videos, the going rate for these services can still be hard to figure out. What variables determine the final price? What is the going rate when you outsource encoding, delivery, and storage to a third party? This presentation will cover real pricing numbers from both large, globally focused content delivery networks as well as smaller regional service providers. Hear what the going rate is today for video delivery and learn what you should really be paying for these services. Speakers Dan Rayburn, Executive Vice President,

Interview with Rich Mavrogeanes Founder Vbrick
Dave Gardy talks with one of the true pioneers of streaming media, Rick Mavrogeanes, founder and CTO of VBrick, at Streaming Media East 2007.

Interview with Peter Price President and CEO for the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
Peter Price, President and CEO of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, speaks with Kevin Shively at Streaming Media East 2007 about the upcoming Daytime Emmy Awards, the Academy's ongoing relationship with MySpace and the new peer group, the National Academy of Media Arts and Sciences.

Consumer-Generated Video Sites
Consumer-generated video was a big story in 2006 and continues to be so in 2007. From the largest media companies to garage-bound startups, it seems that everyone is incorporating user-generated content and community into their business plans. But questions still remain: Will business models emerge to drive profitability? Will marketers embrace this new type of media? Is UGC all a bubble waiting to burst? Hear how these sites are tackling these questions while looking for ways to differentiate themselves in a crowded space. Speakers: Moderator: Raghav Gupta, VP, Consumer Services and Partnerships, Brightcove; Bambi Francisco, Founder and CEO,; Brian Kalinowski, COO, Lycos; Daniel Blackman, Strategic Partner Development Manager, Google; Dmitry Shapiro, CEO, Veoh Networks; James McQuivey, VP, Television and Media Technology, Forrester Research.

Wowza Media Systems Interview with David Stubenvoll of Wowza
David Stubenvoll, CEO of Wowza Media Systems, talks with Kevin Shively about their Wowza Media Server enabling live Flash streaming.

The Real ROI for Podcasting
Podcasting has emerged from the realm of garage-bound hobbyists into the corporate arena to great success for both B2B and B2C applications. Major players such as IBM, GE, and Whirlpool use both internal and external podcasts to communicate directly with their audience via this immediate and intimate medium. The ROI for these initiatives is specific and plentiful: sales leads via audio collateral available 24/7, money saved instead of producing written materials, and the promotion of trust with your audience by providing programs that deliver value-added information when and where consumers want. Discover why blogs are an essential component of your corporate podcast strategy to build an interactive community versus a monologue, how the move to mobile means your audio content can/should be available via phones/PDAs, and how tools such as audio press releases, audio white papers, and audio case studies allow you to capture the "earlids" of a generation inundated and weary of visual stimuli. Speakers Moderator: John Havens, Guide to Podcasing, Bill Swersey, Director of Digital Media, WNYC, New York Public Radio Esmee, Internet Producer, Deloitte Services LP Gregory Galant, CEO, RadioTail Jason Van Orden, Author, Promoting Your Podcast

HOW TO: Flash Video Crash Course
This is for video professionals and developers who may be relatively new to Flash, or just getting into Flash video projects. Come get a solid overview of what's possible and the best approach to get started. The creation of a simple video player, progressive and streaming options, and source video optimization techniques will be covered. Attendees will walk away with the knowledge they need to confidently deploy simple, professional Flash video applications on the Web. Speakers Lisa Larson, Co-Founder and Technical Director, gotoGroup Inc.

David Stoner of ViewCast Interview with David Stoner from Viewcast
David Stoner, President and COO of ViewCast, speaks with Dave Gardy at Streaming Media East 2007 about their encoding solutions like the new Niagara portable encoder used by TV Worldwide at the event.

Wowza Media Systems Wowza Media Systems Demo Presentation
David Stubenvoll, CEO and Charlie Good, CTO, of Wowza Media Systems demonstrate their high-performance Wowza Media Server Pro for streaming live and archived content in Flash at affordable costs.

Digital Media Patents for Profit
In the past year, the near-ubiquitous debate over patent trolls has evolved significantly. No longer focused primarily on the relative evils—or merits—of these patent holding companies, technology executives across all sectors have turned their attention to the business and legal strategies with which to confront the challenges that trolls present. In this discussion, you will learn how the growth of patent holding companies such as Acacia has made it necessary for target companies large and small to reexamine how their digital media projects are managed. You will also hear about the technical, economic, and legal implications associated with various strategic options and pragmatic suggestions tailored to corporate executives and patent holders, as well as in-house and outside counsel. Speakers Moderator: Maureen Chakraborty, VP, Analysis Group Denise DeFranco, Partner, Foley Hoag LLP Jim Gatto, Intellectual Property Practice Section Leader, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP Rebecca Kirk, VP, Analysis Group

From the Web to Your TV: New Media Delivery Revolution
AppleTV, TiVo, Slingbox, and a host of other hardware and software products are starting to deliver new media content from the Web to TVs. Learn what latest devices are being used to deliver consumer content and find out how content creators big and small are utilizing these new tools. Also discussed will be how online content is being treated differently from traditional broadcast content and what potential business models are being created for the monetization of consumer content. Speakers Moderator: Jose Castillo, President, thinkjose LLC. Bijan Sabet, General Partner, Spark Capital Ed Lee, VP, Business Development, Alimbo Fred McIntyre, SVP, AOL Video, AOL Tara Maitra, VP, GM, Programming, TiVo

Interview with Christopher Gottschalk CTO of Kulabyte
Christopher Gottschalk, CTO of Kulabyte, talks with Kevin Shively at Streaming Media East 2007 about their "faster than realtime" encoding technology that allows for high-powered professional encoding on multi-core systems at blazing speeds.

HOW TO: Choosing and Comparing Webcasting Hardware
This presentation will help you choose the best-of-breed equipment for Webcasting and will provide you with a road map detailing the hardware needed to be successful. From hardware required for least expensive and bare-bones Webcasting to the hardware requirements for more advanced Webcasts involving multiple input feeds, PowerPoint slides and preprocessing, attendees will have a clear idea of what is needed to budget for when they go back to their organization. Attendees will also leave with a link to an Excel sheet that will contain a list of the hardware, its purpose/justification, approximate costs, and sourcing, as well as the PowerPoint and Visio diagrams of how it all works together. Speakers Nico McLane, New Media Strategist and Deployment Specialist, On-Demand Incorporated | nYc

Making the Case for Streaming Media in Higher Education
Online video is becoming increasingly prevalent in higher education, but outside of distance education, adoption can be spotty. One speed bump is the lack of administrative, institutional, and faculty support. Too often administration lumps streaming media in with unrelated IT areas or perceives the cost to outweigh benefit. In this session, experienced media professionals in higher education will share tips for getting buy-in from administrators and faculty. Speakers Moderator: Paul Riismandel, Manager, Digital Media Production and Support, University of Illinois Andy Covell, Executive Director of Information Technology, Syracuse University John Morris, Director, Academic Technology Innovation, Drexel University Paul O'Brien, CIO, Indian River Community College Srinivas Varadarajan, Information Security Analyst, Lamar University

Redesign Your Streaming Content With the Guys
Unique content now trumps production values when it comes to online video. Media professionals still put too much emphasis on achieving "broadcast quality" for online video, when most Web and mobile consumers prefer gorging on anything but "broadcast content." One need not look further than YouTube to understand this phenomenon. See examples of online and mobile video content consumers prefer, what production values they will or won't tolerate, and how best to drive revenue from streamed content. Learn how you can make better use of your existing infrastructure to maximize production and minimize costs and share your own examples and experiences in this lively and interactive session. Speakers Richard Warner, CEO, What’s Up Interactive Steve Safran, Managing Editor,

TV Worldwide TV Worldwide Demo Presentation from Streaming Media East 2007
Kevin Shively, EVP of Business Development for TV Worldwide, showcases two success stories of how TV Worldwide generates real revenue from Internet TV channels.

Interview Cartsten Soderstrom from Jyske Bank
From Streaming Media East 2007, Cartsten Soderstrom, Senior Project Manager for Jyske Bank in Denmark, discusses his company's innovative use of streaming media and how they've worked with The Platform to manage their content.

HOW TO: High Volume, Rapid Turnaround Video Production
This session will demonstrate the nuts and bolts of capturing, editing, and compressing 640x480 to 1024x768 video in the studio or on the road for rapid delivery. Learn how to capture desktop videos without requiring presenters to install and use special software, capture high-quality audio with minimal hardware, compress a 1024x768 video to a 300-500Mbs WMV file, and the options for squeezing video into portable devices while preserving the value of the content. Speakers Louis Broome, Manager, SMSGR WW Creative Solutions, Microsoft

Mike King of Abacast Interview with Mike King from Abacast
Mike King, president of Abacast, speaks with Dave Gardy at Streaming Media East 2007 about their technology to deliver high bit-rate streams at low bit-rate bandwidth costs.

Keynote Day 2: Martin Nisenholtz, Sr. VP, Digital Operations, The New York Times Company
Martin Nisenholts, Sr. VP, Digital Operations for The New York Times adresses Streaming Media East 2007 attendees about his companies digital future

Mobile Streaming: Development, Deployment, and Distribution
While rapid progress is being made, hurdles remain to the widespread adoption of mobile streaming. How is the streaming industry developing and repurposing content for mobile streaming? What formats and tool sets are available? Are there emerging standards for the efficient creation and distribution of content? This panel of industry experts will explore the current state of mobile streaming and provide insights into future developments. Speakers Moderator: Tony Klejna, Director, Educational Technology & Distance Learning, Daemen College DeWayne Nelon, President and CEO, Ortiva Wireless Ian Blaine, CEO, thePlatform John Zehr, VP, Digital Video and Mobile Production, ESPN Salil Dalvi, GM, Wireless Platforms, NBC Universal

Interview with Doug Mow VP of Marketing for Navisite
Doug Mow, VP of Marketing for Navisite, talks about their content delivery and acceleration services at Streaming Media East 2007.

Making Videoconferencing More Valuable with Streaming Applications
If you currently use videoconferencing and are looking for ways to extend the usage of video and reach a wider audience, consider the value of streaming your content. This round-table discussion will present how users have taken their videoconferencing systems and added streaming to get their messages out to more people in different ways. Attendees will understand the technologies used and the applications developed by users of video conferencing and streaming.

The Streaming Disconnect Between Consumers and the Major Media
During the past decade, consumers have democratized their entertainment consumption platforms (TV, PC, mobile), spending equal amounts of time and money on services and entertainment across different platforms. While operators have adapted to this democratization by offering triple-play and bundled services, and advertisers have started employing multiplatform distribution processes, programmers face a major problem prioritizing their content development efforts. The bulk of revenues for major media companies still comes from traditional media, and, therefore, content development for new media can take a back seat. This panel will explore the steps that content creators and major media companies need to take to adapt to consumer behavior and the benefits they can get from diversifying their content offering across multiple platforms. The panelists will discuss current consumer demands and new content platforms, as well as new media efforts being taken by the major media companies. Speakers: Moderator: Tejpaul Bhatia, President, Tej Media Networks, Inc; Jeff Kaufman, VP, Content and Programming, nbbc; Jim Sexton, SVP, Interactive Brands, Scripps Networks; John Jurgensen, Digital Entertainment Reporter, WALL STREET JOURNAL; Mariana Danilovic, VP, Business Development, MediaZone; Ron Berryman, Senior VP and GM Television Stations, Fox Interactive Media

Beyond Pre-Roll: What’s Next for Online Video Advertising?
As video advertising evolves in the coming months and years, technologies and business models will naturally extend beyond those in practice today. Sponsorships in the form of product placement and brand “overlays,” pre-roll teasers that encourage post-roll clicks (and other creative techniques), more effective use of in-banner video, creation of standards and best practices, identifying key performance metrics, establishing content syndication models, affiliate marketplaces, and other distribution and monetization strategies—these are just a few of the challenges and opportunities that face the online advertising industry in 2007 as it establishes a foundation for video advertising that will help shape the future of the broader consumer advertising industry. Speakers: Moderator: Jeff Marcus, President, Sparkway Corporation; Aleck Schleider, Senior Director, Product Sales,; Christian Anthony, Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder, Special Ops Media; Jeremy Lockhorn, Director of Emerging Media and Video Innovation, Avenue A / Razorfish; Richard Glosser, Exec. Dir., Emerging Media and Partner Integration, CondeNet

Interview with Bart Feder President/CEO of the FeedRoom
Bart Feder, President and CEO of The Feedroom, discusses how their company is helping create streaming video solutions for a wide and fast growing list of companies oustide of the traditional media world.

Creating the New Television
Meet the creative people who are inventing new forms of television. If the sitcom and miniseries were the unique genres of broadcast TV, what will our new online TV look like? Rocketboom? Ze Frank? YouTube’s home page? Diggnation? What kind of environment will this be for advertising? What will the appeal be to an audience to get them to come back again and again? What is the relationship of the audience to this new TV? This session provides a showcase for the talent making the first successful series of this new medium to share their shows, how and why they make them, and where they see television going. Moderator: Jeff Jarvis, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism,; Adam Elend, Producer,; J. Crowley, Founder,; Mary Matthews, Writer, Producer, Editor, Pound Productions; Robert Scoble, VP Of Media Development,

Broadband Video: What’s the Formula for Content Success?
Broadband is rewriting the rules of how to succeed in video programming. No longer must the world live by the constraints of 30-, 60- and 120-minute time blocks. Now success can happen in 2 minutes or less. As a result, broadband is challenging conventional business and creative formulas for video. This panel of experts will discuss what kind of broadband video is working for their businesses along with the key outstanding issues for future success. Speakers Moderator: Will Richmond, President, Broadband Directions Chris Hock, Group Product Manager, Adobe Systems Inc. Chris Lucas, VP Executive Producer, Showtime Networks, Inc. Nicholas Butterworth, CEO and Founder, Travelistic Tom Buffolano, VP, GM, Subscription Services, CSTV Networks

Interview with Tory Hanford from Flying Colors
Troy Hanford of Flying Colors speaks with Dave Gardy at Streaming Media East 2007 about their set-top box IPTV solution.

User-Generated Content Tools
With more than 50 user generated content sites available on the Web today, what tools are currently being offered and used by consumers for content generation? This special session will give you firsthand presentations from some of the leading companies offering tools in this niche vertical. Learn what tools consumers want, how they manage content today and what the future holds for making consumer-generated content even easier to create, upload, and deliver. Moderator: Steve Bryant, Associate Editor, eWEEK; Chris O'Brien, CEO and Co-Founder, Motionbox; Matt Sanchez, CEO and Co-Founder, VideoEgg; Scott Rhodes, CEO, Veotag; Steve Rosenbaum, CEO and Founder,

Interview with Kevin Louden from Telestream