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Klikvu Lowell Feuer ThumbnailInterview - Lowell Feuer

CEO KlikVU (www.klikvu.com) (www.clearline.tv) KlickVu offers a hosting solution on a stand-alone basis or for web syndication worldwide. It is a customized meta-data solution that satisfies the requirements of people who are looking for information but want to be in control of what they watch.

The Strand ThumbnailPremiere of Webisode 1 of The Strand

This is the premier of episode 1 of an internet-delivered film about several off-beat characters that inhabit the unique world of Venice Beach, California, directed by Dan Myrick, co-creator of the Blair Witch Project, and hosted by TV Worldwide.com. The ‘webisodic’ STRAND series is interactive in that the plot will be affected by viewer input via e-mail.

The Strand Preshow ThumbnailThe Strand Pre-Show

“The internet allows guys like me to find our niche audience for shows like this and hopefully make a living at it and enable us to do edgy content, which the networks that are traditionally risk-adverse, can’t do. So, that’s very exciting and it opens up a whole new world that guys like us can participate in.” - Dan Myrick, director

John Klein ThumbnailInterview - Jon Klein CNN

"Finally, our time is here....this is a digital media world. The sun has risen on streaming media and will not go out again". - Jon Klein, President CNN (US)

Vbrick ThumbnailInterview - VBrick

Vbrick Systems uses Ethernet TV, a digital framework for delivering live or archived streamed video onto IP networks in the robust corporate or educational markets. The company also provides these clients a means to digitally deliver their old analog sources via their IP network.

Macromedia ThumbnailInterview - Macromedia

Chris Hock - Director, Product Management (www.macromedia.com) FLASH has a great history as a vector animation tool. Now Macromedia is at NAB to position the software as a tool to seamlessly integrate great video experiences on the web page and provide interactivity in a video format “In the past 12 to 18 months we’ve seen, particularly in media and entertainment, ways to monetize content online. And we are starting to see some trends with media and entertainment companies to take advantage of that.” - Chris Hock - Director, Product Management, Macromedia

Efron ThumbnailInterview - Efron Computerized Studios, LLC

Edward Efron, President -Efron Computerized Studios provides complete integrated radio studio packages for computerized radio stations that include all the furniture, equipment, hardware, software, installation and operator training needed for radio broadcasting.

AnystreamInterview - Anystream

Fady Lamaa - Anystream, in partnership with Sea Change, introduced and demonstrated Agility VOD, a product that automates the process of producing content for video on demand, saving significant time and money.

Intro ThumbnailIntro 04/18/2005

Intro ThumbnailIntro 04/20/2005

Dan Rayburn ThumbnailStreaming Media: Mainstream Adoption For Broadcasters

Dan Rayburn, Executive Vice President, StreamingMedia.com, Larchmont, NY, USA "Technology means nothing unless it moves your business forward." "Streaming media is an extension of a way to communicate." - Dan Rayburn, Executive Vice President, StreamingMedia.com

Laura Behrens ThumbnailGetting Video Online--Opportunity and Threat

Laura Behrens, Senior Analyst, Media Industry Research, GartnerG2, San Jose, CA -- Behrens discussed the opportunities in new media as well as the threat to traditional media and how television can evolve to survive. After discussing the ability to search and navigate in the online world and what it would mean if those same functions were available delivered via television, Behrens said, “The power of search and discovery – it’s hard to overstate it right now, in the making of those titans in the future media world.”

Paul Palumbo ThumbnailStreaming Media Advertising and Subscription: Revenue is Real

Paul Palumbo, Research Director, AccuStream iMedia Research, Seaside, CA, USA -- “There has been consistent audience stream and revenue growth driven primarily by broadband users, but also by a more educated and existing user base. There was a move toward subscription services in content offerings in the 2001 through 2003 period but much more streaming is being published and exploited via advertising today.” Palumbo later adds “Total video streams grew by 80.7% in 2004 to 14.2 billion served. They are forecast to grow by another 48% in 2005 to over 21 billion.”

Todd Herman ThumbnailMainstream Media Disrupted: Following Audiences to Online Channels

Todd Herman, Streaming Media Evangelist, MSN/MSNBC, Redmond, WA -- “Even though we have a much smaller audience in comparison to that of TV, the fresh reach equation alone makes it worthwhile to back money out of a TV campaign and throw it onto a streaming video campaign especially when you can realize the same units.”

Richard Mavrogeanes ThumbnailPresent Day Streaming Media - How the Stream Became a Wave

Richard Mavrogeanes, Chief Technology Officer and Founder, VBrick Systems, Wallingford, CT -- “There is an awful lot of use of streaming video inside the enterprise. … Most of the streaming that we think about and hear about has to do with, again, service provisioning – sending content to a residential subscriber, for example. But as we begin to think about how IP networks are deployed there is an equal opportunity, and need as it turns out, to have just as many sources of video as there are receivers of video.”

Applications & Case Studies ThumbnailStreaming Media Applications & Case Studies

Five companies and how they stream. Savvis Communications, a global end-to-end business, assembled and integrated assets to combine networking capacity in 47 countries with 24 data centers. Nine Systems, a Content Delivery Network placed an overlay technology on top of other CDNs for content management and an ASP-based usage control middle layer that allows customers to control and monetize content usage. Mirror Image, a scalable content delivery network provider with a global network, has experienced tremendous growth in the percentage of clients using streaming media. Speedera Networks, a company focused on solving problems, is a Content Delivery Network and streaming media host that helps corporations communicate online with on-demand distributed solutions. Vital Stream, a Media Service Provider with a global network, concentrates on video streaming and works with content creators to design a seamless workflow and monetizes the content with subscription, pay per view or ad insertion.

Intro ThumbnailIntroduction 04/19/2005

Branded TV Interview ThumbnailInterview - Branded TV

Branded TV goes beyond product placement. Branded TV creates original programming around branded content, specifically designed to attract a brand’s target audience such as Sears involvement with the show Extreme Makeover. Viewers tend to avoid traditional advertising or zap it with TIVO but Branded TV is part of the show.

Operation Interdependence ThumbnailInterview - Operation Interdependence

Operation Interdependence provides a means for civilians to support American troops by sending care packages without impacting military operations or resources. OI was at NAB to give convention attendees an opportunity to participate by writing encouraging notes and help pack packages for the troops.

Operation Interdependence Chess Set ThumbnailInterview - Operation Interdependence - Outdoors with Giant Chess Set

Operation Interdependence brought its command post to NAB to enable convention visitors to sign a giant chess set to be shipped to American troops in Iraq along with care packages and notes of encouragement in shipping methods that do not impact military resources.

Alma Davies ThumbnailInterview - Operation Interdependence - Alma Davies

“When 9/11 happened you couldn’t buy a flag. Everybody was so patriotic and I was so touched. And then we forgot. And we need to be patriotic, that’s the whole idea.” - Alma Davies

David Oxenford ThumbnailInterview - David Oxenford

“Internet radio is really an under-appreciated business because according to the latest Arbitron Edison study there are over 50 million people that listen to internet radio. That’s compared to the 5 million who are subscribers to XM or Serius or the 1 million who are estimated to use podcasts.” - David Oxenford, Director, Board of International Webcasting Association

MPEG Forum 2 Thumbnailmpeg industry forum Session 2

Video Services ARPU...the name of the game -- Panelists discuss: technical and consumer issues that service providers need to be aware of including rights management and the need for protocol standards; the management, optimization and leveraging of the content supply chain; BBC’s experience with HDTV; the European market and consumer expectations; the need for tools that allow seamless, automated and fast retrieval and delivery of archived content.

Yuval Fisher Thumbnailmpeg industry forum ISMA Introduction and Welcome

Yuval Fisher -- The goal of the ISMA, Internet Streaming Media Alliance, which has an international membership representing various areas of expertise, is to accelerate the adoption and deployment of open standards for streaming rich media content over IP networks.

James W. Wendorf Thumbnailmpeg industry forum Afternoon Keynote

James W. Wendorf talks about the benefits, challenges and opportunities around establishing an open-standards-based video ecosystem and why the mobile technology industry might provide the best pathway to move content delivery in that direction.

AMD Keynote Thumbnailmpeg industry forum Session 3

Next generation Video and Audio - Content Creation In this nuts and bolts session, panelists discuss the use of technology in content creation including next generation coding solutions, bit rate improvements, the importance of ensuring interoperability in an open standards market and the imminent transition from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4 AVC.

MPEG Forum 4 Thumbnailmpeg industry forum Session 4

Next Generation Video and Audio - Content Consumption Set-top and semi-conductor representatives discuss: the impact of advanced technologies on equipment at the consumer end of the video stream; the significant change in how people access content; consumer demand for new set-top box features; interconnectivity and convergence; and the rapid growth of IPTV.

MPEG Industry Roundtable Thumbnailmpeg industry forum Round Table: The Video Ecosystem

Lively discussion ensued when panelists answered thought-provoking questions about: how the next generation of video codec will alter business models; the challenges for interoperability with multiple video codec; digital rights management and content protection; diversification and fragmentation of the market for media; socio-economic, educational and cultural benefits of the new media technology; the biggest points of pain in your experience and the anticipated milestones ahead; how compression technologies that allow more storage on the back end impact production methods.

AMD Keynote ThumbnailAMD Keynote

“The phrase ‘artistic compromise’ is just not in our vocabulary. Our partnership with AMD in concert with Hewlett Packard provides our artists with state-of-the-art computing technology and as a result our animated movie release for this summer, Madagascar, is a great showcase of technology breakthroughs.” - Jeffrey Katzenberg, co-founder, Dreamworks Animation SKG

Award 1 ThumbnailAward 1

Event DV Readers Choice 2005 Award for Lighting Kits goes to LitePanels for its unobtrusive lighting kit that is useful for event videography. Ken Fisher, Managing Partner, accepted for the company, which is introducing a versatile 1’ x 1’ LED-based light that allows dial selection of color temperature, brightness level and light pattern from spotlight to broad source.

Award 2 ThumbnailAward 2

Product Manager Matt McEwen accepted the Event DV Readers Choice 2005 Award for Tapeless DV storage on behalf of Focus Enhancements for its Firestore FS-4. The company has pioneered a Direct Edit fast-download digital video product that does away with the need for video capture for post production.

Award 3 ThumbnailAward 3

DiscMakers won the Event DV Readers Choice 2005 Award for its DVD Duplication Tower Reflex Pro 7, a multi-format stand alone seven disc DV duplication tower, especially useful for stage event and corporate videography that requires higher volume duplication. Aaron Barbarics, Business Development Manager accepted the award for DiscMakers.

Award 4 ThumbnailAward 4

Sennheiser Worldwide won two Event DV Readers Choice 2005 Awards, one in the Lavalier/Wireless category for its Evolution Wireless 100 ENG, which provides frequency flexibility and RF reliability. In the shotgun category, they won with the K6/ME-66 a modular system that can be powered off one battery for a variety of applications. Chris Philips, Pro Channel Audio Manager, accepted the awards.

Award 5 ThumbnailAward 5

Ritek USA Advanced Media was presented the Event DV Readers Choice 2005 Award for Writable DVD Media. Most of Event DV readers are moving from tape-based delivery to DVD delivery and Ritek anticipates having a production demo of HD DVD ready by the end of the year. The award was accepted by Elizabeth Chang, Sales Director for International and Retail Marketing.

Award 6 ThumbnailAward 6

Charlie Russell, Sr. Product Manager at Avid Technology accepted the Event DV Readers Choice 2005 Award in the category of Dedicated Workstations for the Avid Media Composer that has a combination of hardware and software solutions for professional video editing that has become the gold standard in the industry. Avid also introduced a line of affordable entry level products that allow skills to migrate as the user upgrades products.

Award 7 ThumbnailAward 7

VP of Marketing Dave Chaimson accepted an award on behalf of Sony Media Software, which won the Event DV Readers Choice 2005 Award for Digital Audio Editing Software for its SoundForge, a powerful audio tool. Sony is also introducing a product that caters to event videographers editing in the DV space and HD DV.

Award 8 ThumbnailAward 8

Richard Caras, Director of Technical Marketing for the Applications Division of Apple Computer accepted two Event DV Readers Choice 2005 Awards. DVD Studio Pro 3 won for DVD Authoring Tools and Final Cut Pro HD won in the NLE category. Apple introduced several new products that edit video, audio, motion graphics and author DVDs. Final Cut Pro also now has multi camera editing set to frame or time code in the native format.

Award 9 ThumbnailAward 9

Primera Technology won the Event DV Readers Choice 2005 Award for DVD Production and Publishing Systems with its Bravo Pro, a high-end professional duplicator for short to medium runs of discs. VP of Sales & Marketing Mark Strobel, who accepted the award, says that the Bravo Pro automates the entire process of professionally burning and printing DVD discs.

Award 10 ThumbnailAward 10

The Event DV Readers Choice 2005 Award for Effects and Compositing Software was won by Adobe Systems for its After Effects, a valuable tool that can be used in many ways to enhance video such as animation for stills, text and motion effects, blue screen, color correction. The software also integrates with other editing products. The award was accepted for Adobe by Steve Kilisky, Group Product Manager for Digital Audio and Video.

Award 11 ThumbnailAward 11

Bogen Imaging won the Event DV Readers Choice 2005 Award category for Tripods & Monopods for its Manfrotto DigiCompact tripod. - Chris Brunngraber, Marketing Director, accepted the award and said the DigiCompact is one a small, light tripod designed to support the light cameras of today. The company also offers a full gamut of accessories and introduced a number of stabilizers and lightweight carbon fiber tripods, ideal for event DV

ThumbnailAward 12

Marketing Manager Bob DeMoulin accepted the Event DV Readers Choice 2005 Award on behalf of Sony Electronics, which won the category for DV Camcorders with its HDR-FX1. The camera provides access to HDV at a price point that is attractive to event videographers. DeMoulin announced that early in 2006 Sony will be delivering a Blue Ray recorder, the next generation of optical storage for High Def video.