Archived Webcast of CSUN 2006, 21st Annual International Conference, " Technology and Persons with Disabilities ", March 20-25, 2006 - Los Angeles, CA
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CSUN's 21st Annual International Conference
"Technology and Persons with Disabilities"
March 20-25, 2006 ~ Los Angeles, CA

Internet TV Channel for the community of people with disabilties, (, will webcast presentations from the CSUN 2006 California State University Northridge, Center on Disabilities, 21st Annual International Conference, which is being held March 20 to 25, 2006 in Los Angeles. Accessible video coverage with captioned video streaming will be webcast via, Internet TV for Assistive Technology which features articles and video content from the AT community and award winning writer, John Williams. The CSUN Conference is a comprehensive, international conference, where all technologies across all ages; disabilities; levels of education and training; employment; and independent living are addressed. It is the largest conference of its kind for the community of people with disabilities.

This event will be held at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport and Los Angeles Airport Marriott Hotels, March 20-25, 2006. Archives of interviews and the Keynote Address will be available 24-48 hours after the completion of the event. Captions will be provided shortly. Please have Windows Media Player installed prior to viewing the archives. Click here to download the recent version of Windows Media Player.

Read "CSUN Keeps Improving" by John Williams, the award winning assistive technology writer.

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Planning for the Future: Quality of Life Resources for Caregivers.
This workshop will provide valuable financial and legal resources for caregivers of people with disabilities and various ages. The comprehensive overview will cover the basic elements of planning for the future including living trusts, powers of attorney, HIPPA, plus identifying specific special needs planning. Government benefits, conservatorship, client self-determination and advocacy issues will be discussed. Essential information on different living and care options will assist both the caregiver and the loved one on decisions to improve the quality of life.

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2006 CSUN Keynote
Dr. Harry Murphy, founder CSUN conference

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Robert David Hall, Actor

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Vemics, Inc.
Interview with Robert Millar, VP Business Development

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Interview with William H. Macy

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AI Squared
Demo with Cathy Gettel, Dealer Network Manager

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Demo of IBM Easy Web Browsing with Bill Curtis-Davidson, Business Development and Solutions Leader. For more info, please visit

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Introduction to Orca: a Flexible and Scriptable Open Source Screen Reader
Using common office productivity applications, Sun Microsystems will demonstrate the capabilities of Orca, a freely available open source screen reader for the GNOME platform. Willie Walker, Sun Microsystems, Burlington, MA Mike Pedersen, Sun Microsystems, Menlo Park, CA
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Introduction to Orca Scripting: Writing Custom Scripts for Orca
Orca is an open source screen reader for the GNOME platform. This presentation teaches you how to extend Orca by writing your own custom scripts. Willie Walker, Sun Microsystems, Burlington, MA
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The Open Document File Format - Accessibility Issues, Applications and Solutions
Massachusetts' move to Open Document raises serious accessibility concerns. We explore them, and demonstrate approaches to provide efficient and productive access to Open Document applications. Peter Korn, Sun Microsystems, Inc., Menlo Park, CA Janina Sajka, Free Standards Group, Silver Spring, MD
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Establishing Grand Traction and Exposure via Internet Press and Media
A presentation by Dave Gardy, President and CEO of TVWorldwide, presented to CSUN 2006
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Interview - Mike Paciello
The Paciello Group
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Priority By Criticality - Applying New Usability Methods to Increase Accessibility Performance In Software & Web-Based Application
This presentation creates a new lens into the fast-growing accessibility technology & compliance market. The presentation describes the parameters by which Critical to Quality (CTQ) performance measurements can be defined and calculated. This presentation further develops a value proposition that features the importance of innovated usability methods that ensure optimal user experience for people with disabilities. Mike Paciello, The Paciello Group, TPG, Nashua, NH
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Successful Steps in Working with the Media
This presentation will be broken into two sessions, and they are: (1) Working with print, TV, radio outlets and (2) Internet communicaitons. The internet communications will deal also with accessibility. Manufacturers will learn from active media the correct way to approach the media in these fields. John Williams, Assistive Technology News, Fairfax, VA Matt Valezano, Exceptional Parent Magazine, Fairfax, VA
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