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Access IT
University of Washington
Access to Information through Technology in Education

May 30, 2002   12:00-1:30 PDT, 3:00-4:30 EDT
Live from Seattle, Washington

Please Email Questions to info@tvworldwide.com

AccessIT is pleased to announce that on Thursday, May 30, 2002, we will host a live webcast on access to information through technology in K-12 and post-secondary educational entities.


  • Deborah Cook, Technical Assistance Coordinator of AccessIT
  • Kurt Johnson, Principal Investigator of AccessIT


  • Tim Spofford, Attorney, Office for Civil Rights (OCR), US Department of Education, and OCR webmaster
  • David Stockford, Director of Special Services, Maine Department of Education

Webcast Topics

  • Tim Spofford will discuss OCR's position on legal obligations of educational entities to provide access to information through technology under Section 504 and ADA. He will also discuss OCR recommendations for compliance.
  • David Stockford will discuss the process and outcomes of efforts to improve accessibility of E&IT in the Maine K-12 system.
  • Questions from the webcast audience.

We have scheduled time for the panelists to answer your questions. We encourage you to send us your questions to use before the webcast so we can provide them to the panelists for review and consideration. We will also be taking phone and email questions during the webcast.

  • To email questions, please send them to accessit@u.washington.edu
  • To call in questions, please call 866-968-2223 (toll free voice), or 866-866-0162 (toll free TTY).

A followup teleconference will be scheduled with Tim Spofford of OCR in late June to explore in depth legal issues around electronic and information technology, including details about settlement letters, etc.

This webcast it available in Archived form - pleas Click the link above that says "Click Here for Globe Show" Here. People who register will receive further information about

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